Build a System and Process to Grow with Confidence

Focus on your mission and impact

Together, we’ll make Salesforce work for your team as we both clarify and streamline your daily operations.


Growth causing anxiety?

You want that grant, or major gift so bad and yet have no idea how to execute without completely overwhelming your team. How do you even begin to structuring a system to deliver and measure performance of this new program? You are not the only leader feeling that overwhelming tension between anxiety and anticipation.

Team resisting your system?

Your teams resist data entry, outdated spreadsheets frustrate you, and investing in unused systems worries you. User Adoption sounds trendy, but think of adoption like running shoes; the shoes won’t help unless you value getting in shape enough to run. Your real focus should be on processes and clarity that drive team motivation, not just technology.

Scattered processes?

Is your information scattered across tools and spreadsheets? In your quiet moments, you just feel there is more you could be doing. You feel your organization, your team has a higher potential, but your scattered processes are pulling focus away from the work that matters. That progress perspective never seems clear or available when needed.

Bring it all together and grow with confidence

Reaction to constantly urgent tasks will never bring peaceful growth. Proactive vision begins with actionable information. You cannot lead well until you stop drowning in the crowded activities and scattered processes rising up in your face. It is possible to stand with the perspective you’ve always wanted as a leader. Get your teams on the same page with the right supportive system. That system can and will help your team do their job, clarify roles, and provide reports on your Key Performance Indicators. This all sprouts from the same process and well-designed system to support your unique process. Reach this vantage point and you will lead your organization to reach that potential you’ve always known you could achieve.


Trust is the heart of everything we do. The right systems can, and will, bring transparent trust to your team, your clients, and your donors. Feedback and understanding elevate team performance and allow you to forge deeper relationships.


Growth begins with understanding. We’ll help identify your current challenges, and create  a system with custom reports and dashboards that bring clarity to your entire team. With established goals and digestible feedback, impact growth will follow.


We know nonprofits have limited resources, but don’t want our organizations to fall into the trap of  constant budget anxiety that leads to over-worked staff and increased opportunity cost. Help us build a process for your team to decrease burnout and increase fulfillment. 


I was blown away by the agility, knowledge, and focused project management Terranox brought to our Salesforce project.

I have worked with four other Salesforce consultants and Terranox is in a completely different league. From the first scoping call it was apparent their team was able to: help us identify issues within our implementation, listen to the needs of each team (they met with all of them), scope a reasonable project that was within our budget (we are a nonprofit), design solutions that have enabled us to utilize Salesforce more efficiently, and left us with both documentation of the project and training for our staff. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Our entire staff is excited and utilizing Salesforce to track data in a way they were not before the project implementation.

Ariana Kennedy
Director, Operations & Administration at The Nonprofit Partnership


Terranox helped us tackle foundational issues with our digital processes, some of which had not been updated in 6 years.

We had a big vision for the project and Terranox helped us tackle it strategically and iteratively to make the most of our limited financial resources. After installing Non-profit Success Pack and Program Management Module, all of our data is in one place, we can better measure our efforts and outcomes for clients. By connecting our event registration platform with Salesforce, we can make the most of the attendee data, not to mention all of the staff time that goes into putting on an event. These platform improvements helped us cut lead processing time in half, saving daily time for our staff and making it easier to train new staff members.

Without Terranox’s expertise and partnership, our aging system would have inhibited our success. Now, our metrics are up and we’re poised for growth and potential revenue-generating partnerships.

Rachel Gray
Executive Director at Hello West Michigan


The experience has been great!

Terranox made our operations more efficient by providing a field collection application our entire team liked better than the previous paper version. The amount of time we’ve saved the field team created the opportunity for more growth while keeping our cost-to-impact ratio strong.

Idro Dominic
Co-Founder at Capable


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