Our Approach

Ready to move beyond basic fixes and unwanted surprises?

What sets us apart from other agencies is how we pivot around collaboration and client-centered solutions. Our methodology leans on the dual-track process of discovery and delivery, allowing us to be agile and situation-responsive, continually aligning the project with your evolving goals and needs.

Collaborative DELIVERY

Onboarding + Initial Discovery

We start by immersing ourselves into your organization during the onboarding and initial discovery phase. This approach helps us gain a deep understanding of your challenges and insights into your needs, ensuring we’re operating hand-in-hand with your team from the get-go.

Our Sprint Commitments

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We accept work into a two-week period our team has already clearly defined and validated with your stakeholders. This acceptance means we commit to delivering that chunk of value all the way to your users by the end of the two-week period.

Continuous In-Sprint Discovery

This is an integral element of our dual-track process, showcasing our agility and client-centric approach. As we develop solutions in ongoing sprints, we run a parallel discovery path where we continue to explore and anticipate future needs of the project. This approach gives us the flexibility to adapt our deliverables according to evolving requirements, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.


We work with our clients to give them a plan and structure to test each delivered feature. Testing will be your responsibility as a client team because you know your work best, even though we pride ourselves on knowing you well.

At Terranox, we work closely with our clients, engaging them throughout each week to guarantee alignment. People and process matter more than the technology and that is where we focus.

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