Stuck in a Salesforce rut with no trusted partner to guide you?

At Terranox, we merge technical prowess with vibrant team culture for a consulting experience that just clicks. We believe in turning jargon into shared language and complexities into solvable puzzles. But we don’t just get the job done – we go a step further. Our consultants blend professionalism with an easy-to-work-with approach, fostering strong, lasting partnerships.



Arthur Price

Managing Partner & Business Lead

With years of experience managing both business and nonprofit, Arthur’s passion is to bring clarity to management teams across the globe. Mission should be different, but impact in both industries begins with understanding. Outside of work, he’s reading the paper at cafes and planning his next international motorcycle trip.

Bhanudas Tanaka

Managing Partner & Tech Lead

With 25 years of software delivery and development experience, Bhanudas focuses his time on technical solutions, engineering standards, and delivery at Terranox. When he’s not at his desk, he’s dipping his toes in Hawaii’s warm waters on his surfboard and enjoys the endless pursuit of becoming a scratch golfer.

Kat Duran-Higa

Product Design & Experience Manager

Kat leverages her design and tech skills to operationalize design processes, translate strategic concepts into tangible products, and keep a holistic view of both user and business needs. Off hours, she’s experimenting with new recipes and enjoys the occasional hike.

Jillian Nii

Salesforce Consultant

Jillian’s passion for helping organizations become more efficient and meeting their goals as a team allows her to balance the big picture and fine details of Salesforce configuration to meet our clients needs. In her free time, she enjoys hands-on learning and expanding her knowledge in tech.

Tyler Cordell

Salesforce Consultant

Tyler has worked with many organizations, large and small, developing skills in automation, business analysis, and platform architecture. He leverages that experience to provide solid, scalable solutions that empower business growth. On the weekend, you’ll find him running, playing guitar, or spending time outside with his growing family.

The Origin Story

Various experience in both management and technical roles created a passion to unlock organizational potential through Salesforce. Co-founders Arthur Price and Bhanudas Tanaka first shared success at an international nonprofit, which led them to collaborate on many independent consulting projects. These successful projects led to more demand. Terranox emerged in 2021 with a deep focus on the process before technology. Our team continues to grow to broaden our expertise as we meet our ever expanding client needs.

Salesforce Consulting




We operate with transparent intentions, fostering deep-rooted trust between our team and clients. We have no secrets, learning, and failing fast to provide our clients with the best solutions.


Clarity is central to our process. We ensure everyone is on the same page to facilitate better and faster outcomes. Our communication keeps expectations clear, eliminating surprises and achieving more in less time.


All our work is driven by purpose and meaning. We understand our clients’ needs deeply and approach our work with intention, aiming to make a measurable impact on our clients’ teams.


We’re fueled by a constant pursuit of knowledge; our enthusiasm for professional development helps us refine our skillsets and serve our clients effectively. Our curiosity breeds innovative solutions for our clients.


We believe in the multiplier effect. Our goal isn’t just to provide services but to instill value, creating a positive ripple effect in the world. We empower our clients by helping them establish systems and processes based on our guiding principles of trust, clarity, empathy, and curiosity.