Nonprofit Growth Roadmap



As a nonprofit leader, you didn’t set out to run an information and technology firm, but here you are in a time where technology feels critical to everything.

You’re not the only one feeling anxiety around these headlines:

  • Every company is now a tech company
  • Data and AI will transform the way you work completely.
  • Generative AI models will take your job and may even steal your family

In a world where rapid technology changes threaten to outpace us while data overwhelms us, it’s tough to feel confident. Remember, your vision remains strong. You just need help to structure it in a way that data and tech will support your firm’s growth

You don’t have to use AI to achieve impact. In fact, good data management and technology implementation build on a clear vision.

This is a service many of our clients have found helpful.

Step 1

Define Your Journey of Impact

Together, we will articulate the journey of impact you envision for your target population, transforming your intuitive understanding into a clear, shared roadmap for change.

Step 2

Refine Your Growth Strategy

We often forget that our organizations have a journey of change as well as our clients. Your leadership team has a vision intuitively, but let’s document it with clear ties to your theory of change fleshed out in step one.

Step 3

Gap Analysis

Where are your systems and data holding you back from your vision? We will help you identify the specific missing and scattered information in a process map. Oftentimes process and operations are what drive this more than technology.

Step 4

Build the Foundation to Achieve Your Vision

In this last step we will use our years of experience in both operations and technology to provide you a framework to make your vision tangible. 

  • Quick wins now: We will advise you with a few ways to make fast, high-value changes within your current capacity and tech stack.
  • Roadmap: This involves crafting a unified roadmap that brings together operational strategies and technology solutions to support your defined growth arc and maximize client outcomes long term.