Is Salesforce the Right Fit For Your Organization?

Jul 16, 2022 | Experience Design

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the term “CRM”, or customer relationship management. It’s a powerful tool companies and organizations use to manage customer interactions so that teams can provide a more personalized customer experience. As a result, growth demands improved customer experiences as 86% of customers say their experience of a company factors into purchase decisions.

There’re a lot of CRMs out there, but Salesforce has been the world’s #1 CRM for nine years running for a reason. What Adobe is for the creative industry, Salesforce is for CRM in almost every industry. And here at Terranox, we’ll help you explore whether Salesforce is the right fit for your organization.

CRM Market Share Revenue Worldwide

So, what’s Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system used worldwide by organizations of all types and sizes. It helps manage customer data, track sales, and marketing activities, and automate repetitive tasks. Additionally, it integrates with other business applications, making it a versatile tool for real-time access to your data.

The collection of products, or what they call “clouds”, is designed to help organizations manage their day-to-day operations and streamline their processes. One thing that sets Salesforce apart from other CRMs is your ability to customize processes and make your data accessible to the right people in your organization. On top of that, their pay-as-you-go model means that you only need to pay for the features you use, making it an affordable solution for small teams.

What can I use Salesforce for?

Salesforce is a flexible CRM you can customize to suit any business use case to manage customers, sales, and operations better. As a Salesforce Consulting partner, we’ll work with you to help maximize the potential of your Salesforce implementation for your team’s unique needs with these services:

Sales Cloud helps manage sales processes from lead management through opportunity management. These features can help you streamline your sales process, identify potential opportunities, and predict the likelihood of closing a prospect. Studies show that when teams can focus on their core activities with a centralized database, it shortens sales cycles and increases revenue by up to 41% per sales rep.

Service Cloud handles customer service processes from case creation to resolution, including the ability to automatically escalate cases and provide real-time status updates. Salesforce also provides an integrated knowledge base, so your reps can quickly find the information they need to address questions. 85% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments when they engage with a company. This 360-degree view of customers gives leaders the insight they need to deliver personalized experiences that build long-lasting relationships.

Experience Cloud provides everything you need to build robust, hyper-personalized digital experiences from customer communities and partner portals to marketing sites, help desks, and forums. Moreover, it’s integrated with your CRM to boost the collaboration between customers and partners, personalizing their experience. All these factors customer success because 84% of consumers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to winning their business.

Is Salesforce for You?

You first need to establish your WHY for implementing such a robust system. Consider what your company needs to succeed – what problems do you need to solve? Do you need more customers? More revenue? Better IT capacity? A better and more centralized way to keep track of goals, KPIs, and information for your business?

Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s time to decide which Salesforce features best fit those needs. It’s all about finding out what works best for your company’s unique situation.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your business and make sure it runs smoothly, then Salesforce can help. If you’re looking for something more specific or have questions about how to use it more effectively, then we recommend talking to us first – we’ll be happy to help!

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